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Discover our selection of popular names for girls and boys. is the search engine you need to find the first name of your future child. Today, it is quite difficult to choose the ideal first name for a girl or a boy with the wide range of names you can choose. But you’ve come to the right place!

We have gathered all the first names given by the parents with a detailed sheet for each of them. It’s very simple, you will find all the information about the name you like: from its meaning to its etymology and the day of its celebration, as well as its evolution in France and the United States. You’ll know everything about that name. And to give you an idea of the personality of the people named as such, you can discover their own character traits.

With current trends and societal changes, first names are nowadays diverse and varied. To help you easily carry out your search, you will have a choice among a whole set of criteria: the origin of the name you are looking for, whether it is English, French, Italian or even Mexican, its length ranging from very short to very long but also its popularity depending on whether you are looking for a trendy or a rarer first name.

You can even choose the first and last letter of your choice! The selection does not stop here yet. To answer your request as precisely as possible, you have the possibility to select the type of first name you want. Thus, you can look for literary first names, gemstones, mixed or even compound ones. And if you are attracted by fiction or history, we have compiled lists of Disney, royal, biblical and even fairy names.

Do you still have doubts about the perfect name for your newborn baby? Feel free to have a look at our articles for a good dose of inspiration.

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