Hebrew names

If you are looking for a modern and trendy first name, Hebrew names should suit you. Indeed, combining originality and antiquity, these first names have become very popular in recent years. Moreover, Hebrew first names often hide a great significance related to the history of American people. Most parents therefore choose their future baby's first name carefully and in alignment with this meaning.

David, Benjamin, Rebecca or Judith are names you like? So, don't hesitate any longer and come and discover more about these first names in our list below!

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In Jewish culture, the moment to give a first name to your child is a great step. For a little boy, it is during the circumcision ceremony that his first name will be revealed for the first time. For girls, it's during her appointment.

With the effect of globalization and the emancipation of Jews, the typically Hebrew first names have disappeared and given way to modernized first names. Therefore, we more often speak of biblical names to refer to first names of Hebrew origin.

In Hebrew, there is no translation for the word "first name". Indeed, the term "individual name" is used instead. Moreover, in Jewish culture, it is only very recently that family names have appeared. Previously, "son of" or "daughter of" was used as a surname.