Australian names

Looking for exoticism and sunshine? Choose an Australian name for your future child! This country at the end of the world attracts the greatest number of people by its landscapes and the feeling of a separate piece of land, far from everything. Many people choose Australia to choose the first name of their newborn child. And it's a good decision because it reminds us of the beautiful beaches, the sun or even the surfers!

Australian first names, similar to English or American names, have an Anglo-Saxon consonance, which makes them very easy to pronounce throughout the world and especially in English-speaking countries. It is therefore not difficult to travel around the world with an Australian first name. Among the most famous are Emily or Sarah for girls and James and Jack for boys.

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Among Australian first names, you can also come across original names that differ from the most classic. So why not choose the first names Imali, Cian, Manoel or Leani. Or go for more retro names like Irene, Marcel or even Christine.

Australia also has many stars such as Hugh Jackman, Nicole Kidman, Paul Hogan and even Russel Crowe. Then perhaps you will choose a star name for your future princess or prince.