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The name Mia

Mia is a charming name for a little girl. Short and easy to write, it is effective but also very pretty and can be found among singers, actresses and artists of all genres: Mia Frye, the choreographer, the actress Mia Kirshner, the football player Mia Hamm or even Mia Zapata, singer and member of the music group "The Gits".

But if there is one Mia to mention, it's probably the famous Mia Farrow, a great actress who has starred in more than forty films and received several Golden Globe awards. It is also through her humanitarian commitments that she stands out.

Mia is a name of 3 letras that begins with the letter M and ends with the letter A. There have been 10 855 births of Mia since 1 972 (average of 241 / year). There were 2 156 named Mia born in 2 017. It's the year 2 017 which saw the most births of babies with this name. #27069

The name Mia in the world

Figures and birth trends of the first name Mia in the country France

10 855
since 1 972

2 156
in 2 017

2 017
was the peak year
of births

births / year
on average

Figures and birth trends of the first name Mia in the country United States

229 464
since 1 933

12 654
in 2 018

2 015
was the peak year
of births

2 732
births / year
on average

In France, since 1900, the growth of the name Mia has been relatively modest, since we had to wait until the early 2000s to see a more significant evolution. To this day, the name Mia remains in constant evolution and is one of the most popular name in recent years. It is therefore not surprising to find more and more Mia in your entourage. This sudden popularity is due to the trend of short names.

In the United States, Mia was also a rare name before the end of the 19th century. Indeed, even if it was more given than in France, Mia was only attributed to hundreds of little girls between 1970 and 1990. Before that, it was less than 50 each year, except in 1965 where 1,053 little girls were named Mia. Since 1990, the name Mia has been given more and more, going from 780 in 1990 to nearly 15,000 in 2015. Nowadays, it remains one of the most common name in the United States.

Etymology, origin and meaning of name Mia

Mia is the direct derivative of the name Mary, a contraction of the name Miryam in the biblical language. The latter refers to the terms "loved" and "dear". Attached to the name Marie, this modern derivative would be of Danish or Swedish origin. It is also indicated that Mia could have Scandinavian and Latin origins. Today, it is expanding greatly in the United States and Germany.

When do we celebrate Saint Mia? What day ?

Mia is celebrated on August 15, on the occasion of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary; a Catholic dogma according to which Jesus' mother was "raised to heaven after his death".

Personalities of the Mia

Very vigorous, Mia has a great difficulty staying in place. With her constant dynamism and great audacity, Mia attracts crowds and remains constantly surrounded by her friends. Loneliness is not made for her at all. Quite the contrary, she has this need for sociability to avoid feeling alone. On a daily basis, she shows great perseverance in her studies or work and tries to carry out her projects with tenacity. Mia is sometimes associated with a warrior who never gives up. Her friends and family find Mia to be a very smiling person with an incredible joie de vivre. She is a real ray of sunshine and sows happiness around her.

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