Swedish names

Nowadays, the Scandinavian style inspires most people with its simplicity that does not go unnoticed. A simplicity such as it is also found in Swedish names. As a Nordic country, Sweden is envious and gathers everything to seduce us. The Swedish style is indeed very appreciated in the world of decoration, fashion or even the world of children. By choosing a Swedish name, you may be able to pass on this image of simplicity to your child.

But choosing the first name of your newborn is in no way easy... You must take into account its meaning, the symbolic value you attach to it or the scope you wish to give it. Whether it is a boy or a girl, the task is the same: find the ideal first name! To help you in this somewhat complicated task, we have compiled a list of Swedish first names that should undoubtedly enable you to make a decision.

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Although today's Swedish first names are now rooted in Latin, Germanic or French languages, there are still a small number of authentic Swedish first names. Most of them originate in Old Norse or Old Icelandic, dating back to medieval times.

But today, Sweden has drawn inspiration from other regions to develop pretty creative and up-to-date names.