Corsican names

Looking for a Corsican name, reflecting its beautiful aspects? Not only will you choose a Corsican name, but your child will be proud to represent the historical treasures of this island. Through this list, you will discover some Corsican names that come from pagan origins as well as Christianity. In addition, the Corsican language has developed by mixing Latin and Tuscan language, coming from Italy.

The first names, coming from Corsica, have most of them from Latin origins. You will often see first names, ending with the letter "u". For example, Battistu, Marcu, Petru, or Stefanu. Indeed, during the 18th century, the tendency of Corsicans was to have first names ending with this letter. Corsican first names are also reflected in French names. We can see it, in fact, with the first name, Laetitia, which is written in pure Corsican "Letizia". An identical pronunciation, but a completely different writing.

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What better way to choose a Corsican first name? Even the greatest writers have been inspired by this wonderful island. For example, Alexandre Dumas by writing "Les frères Corses" or Gustave Flaubert "Les mémoires d'un fou [...]". So why not you? If you have a taste for literature, now is also the time. Names for girls, boys or even mixed, you will wake up the Corsican side that lies within you!