Tibetan names

Looking for an original name with a special meaning? Why not choose a Tibetan name? Like all first names of Asian origin, Tibetan first names are given names that, in addition to defining a person's identity, will also define his or her personality and character.

Some of these first names are common language words such as Mentok meaning "flower" or Wang meaning "power". It is also common to combine two or more words to form a first name. For example, Wangyal is composed of the words "wang" and "gyal" meaning respectively "power" and "king". We can therefore translate this first name as "king of power". Very religious, it is not uncommon for Tibetan names to have strong religious or spiritual significance.

In addition, Tibetan first names are generally mixed. Whether it is for your little girl or your little boy, there is therefore very little risk that you will make a mistake when choosing his first name.

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The Tibetan population, through the various Chinese revolutions and its great presence in China, has been greatly influenced by the Celestial Empire over the centuries. Tibetan first names have also been influenced by this. Indeed, a large majority of Tibetans now live in China and have had to adapt their first names to the official language, Mandarin. This Chinese influence has also had an impact on Tibetan births since Tibetans have been subject to a birth control law.

In Tibetan culture, members of the same family often have the same first name. It is therefore common to associate a second first name to distinguish them.

In France, Tibetan first names are not very popular, especially because of their pronunciation and their great difference from traditional French first names.