Greek names

Greek names come from ancient Greek, Latin or Roman origin. In antiquity, Greek first names were attributed to children from a Greek Orthodox calendar with the words "great feasts" to designate Christmas, "the mobile cycle" for Pentecost and Ascension...

Usually the Greek child usually bears the family name of one of these grandfathers but only after being baptized. In addition to having his first name, his surname, the child must also have his father's first name. Most Greek first names mean either a defect or a quality that hides a great mythological story: for the first name Basil, for example, he is a very generous person.

Do you want to travel for a moment? It is possible in this first name category: a touch of history and sunshine. What could be better? So choose a girl or boy first name that hides a soul of a goddess or a god.

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You will find more and more Greek first names in almost every country but some have never been used, now is the time for you!