Korean names

As part of Asian names, Korean names are charming and original ones. Mostly, they are short names composed of only two syllables. It is therefore not uncommon to find many compound names in Korean ones.

It should be noted that Korean given names are not only based on the Korean alphabet but also on the Chinese alphabet. This is why you will find many first names belonging to Chinese names in our list. As a result, Korean first names often have great significance. For example, the female name Hyun-Ae refers to wisdom.

It is customary in Korea not to take a child's name lightly. Indeed, as in many other cultures, the first name chosen would have an impact on the child's future and personality. And in Korea, this belief is followed by the majority of parents. Some even use people whose job it is to find the perfect first name for the child based on saju and eumyangohaeng.

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There are still some rules when deciding on a Korean name for your child. First of all, it is important to know that, in Korea, it is the family name that comes before the first name and not the other way around. In addition, middle names do not exist in Korea. That is why, when you see two first names, it is usually a compound first name.