Bulgarian names

Are you looking for an original name with a foreign tone? Why not consider Bulgarian names? The typical first names of Bulgaria are very different from those of Western Europe. Whether in terms of phonetics or spelling, Bulgarian first names stand out from the crowd!

A major trend in Bulgaria in recent years is the return of the first names of former tsars such as Boris as well as compound names combining old and traditional first names with more original and modern ones. However, with the standardization of cultures, typically Bulgarian first names are becoming rare.

So, if you are looking for a singular and unusual first name, you will necessarily find your happiness in our list of Bulgarian names!

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In Bulgaria, a tradition has persisted for centuries: that of giving your child the first name of one of the grandparents. However, this tradition is only present for little boys and, generally, it is the first name of the paternal grandfather that is preferred. On the side of the little girls, the tradition was to give a first name ending with the letter "a" for more charm.