Scottish names

Looking for a trendy and foreign name? Why not choose a Scottish name? Very close to English and American names, Scottish names have an additional touch of originality that attracts many parents. And this uniqueness is due to the mix of cultures and languages that Scotland enjoys.

Indeed, the Scottish language has been built on three other languages: Germanic, Celtic and Latin. We therefore find first names of all origins among Scottish first names. It is important to note that most of the first names come from Scottish Gaelic, the predominant culture in Scotland. However, as with many regional languages, the Scottish language has been modified and standardized with English. As a result, there are now many "anglicised" Scottish names. We can take the example of the first name Domhnall which has been transformed into Donald.

Despite everything, Scottish names have kept a timeless charm that makes them the preferred names of future parents. Are you convinced? Then come and discover our list of Scottish first names! You may find the first name of your dreams there.

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As in most Anglo-Saxon countries, many Scottish first names are derived from the environment and landscapes of Scotland. Indeed, these first names are derived from words used in everyday language to refer to places. However, it is more common to track the origin of Scottish first names in the different languages that have shaped the Scottish language.

Scotland, like the other three nations that constitute the United Kingdom, has a world-class cultural and historical heritage. As a result, typically Scottish first names are very rarely found among the most given. Their anglicized form is generally more appreciated.