Japanese names

Soon the big day to welcome your little one and you still don't have an original idea of a first name? Don't worry, we have what you need. Indeed, in Japan, first names are often distinct according to the sex of the child: first names ending with "o", "masa", "taka", "zo", "ji", "ya", "shi", etc. "ru", "to", "to" are often masculine. While the first names ending with "ko", "mi", "e", "ka", "na", "yo", "sa", "yu", "ho" are female.

Some first names have exotic and very Western echoes, which gives a huge advantage to Japanese names.

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Differentiate yourself by adopting one of these first names for your child, whether it is a girl or a boy. This first name will only be well used by your child, whether he or she has Japanese origin or not. However, the Japanese attach great importance to the signifier of their first name. Get started!