Senegalese names

Senegal, one of the countries that breathe, most often the heat. Senegal has developed with several kingdoms such as Djolof, Ghana, Mali and Shongai. That is why some Senegalese first names reflect a royal aspect. Some first names have their origin in the historical world, as well as in the cultural world.

Indeed, Senegal has known several personalities such as Muslim scholars, the Chevalier de Saint-George or the Senegalese deputy present in France etc... Find in this list, the names, still famous today, as Patrice in reference to the footballer Patrice. Many current stars, such as Booba (Elie Yaffa), Disiz, MHD (Mohamed Sylla), Dadoo, Sefyu (Youssef Soukouna), Mamadou Sakho came straight from Senegal.

Many Senegalese names are currently widespread throughout the world such as Mohammed, Abba, Abou or Adama.

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In Senegal, there are 3 types of first names: Muslim, Christian and traditional. This is due to the many communities in Senegal. First names therefore come from different social backgrounds, and sometimes connote their level of wealth. But also, some Senegalese people are inspired by the first names of their beliefs. This allows them to be part of their communities. It is also, a respectful gesture, towards their gods, their heroes, or other. Did you know, in the Muslim religion, the first son of a family, is frequently called Mohammed?

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