Rare names

Many parents want to be out of the ordinary when choosing their baby's first name in order to make him or her unique but also to avoid having him or her surrounded by two or three children with the same first name in his or her classroom... and this every year!

Perhaps you share this wish too. In this case, we are here to help you with your request through our selection of rare first names. From given names that are not very original, short or long names... You will find a wide choice and enough to make one of the most important decisions before your child arrives.

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Moreover, it is true that a person with a rare first name, that we have never heard before or a first name that we have rarely heard, has a greater impact on us and the person often remains engraved in our memory. Your child will not go unnoticed!

If you simply want to give your child an original name, we also have a list available.