Flowers names

Are you pregnant and looking for a pretty name you'll fall in love with? If you are passionate, you and the person who shares your life, by nature, long walks in the forest, beautiful bouquets and everything that follows why not choose a first name of flower? In addition, there are many and for all tastes, long or short. On the other hand, this first name category will be more suitable for the birth of a little princess than a little prince. Among these first names, some are more likely than others. If you wish to give an original name, you can very well find a first name that you may not have thought of.

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Rose, Lila, Jasmine.... Did you find the first name for your little princess? A pretty little flower, nothing more delicate and feminine as a choice for the first name of a beautiful little girl. If you are still hesitating because you are afraid that these first names will be difficult to wear, you don't have to worry, the trend is towards more and more original first names. Moreover, these first names have a real meaning and are timeless.