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The name John

A short name but with a great meaning, John is the English form of the french name Jean. It is in the world of music that we have mainly heard this name from John Lennon to John Legend.

John is a name of 4 letras that begins with the letter J and ends with the letter N. There have been 14 038 births of John since 1 900 (average of 120 / year). There were 84 named John born in 2 017. It's the year 1 982 which saw the most births of babies with this name. #7211

The name John in the world

Figures and birth trends of the first name John in the country France

14 038
since 1 900

in 2 017

1 982
was the peak year
of births

births / year
on average

Figures and birth trends of the first name John in the country United States

5 146 508
since 1 880

9 132
in 2 018

1 947
was the peak year
of births

37 566
births / year
on average

As the graphic shows, the popularity of the name John in France was at its peak between 1970 and 1990. In 1972, this name reached a peak of 400 births and then 444 in 1982. Today, John is no longer as well attributed and even appears among the rare names. In 2017, for example, there were only 84 boys named John.

John's popularity was very unstable in the United States with a peak of 88,522 in 1947 and a minimum of 11 births in 2009. But, it is still considered one of the most popular and widespread name in the country.

Etymology, origin and meaning of name John

The name John and his French counterpart Jean both derive from the Hebrew name Yehohanan. From the terms "yeho" and "hanan", we can translate it as "God forgives".

When do we celebrate Saint John? What day ?

John is celebrated on the occasion of Saint John on December 27th. Saint John the Evangelist was one of Jesus' apostles.

Personalities of the John

At first glance, you will immediately notice John's worrying side. It seems like he is a man in doubt and that his mind is always in alert. He often speaks with a dubious tone which makes him look like someone who doesn't really understand the subject of the conversation. In reality, John is of a reserved nature. He never gets used to the noisy and restless atmosphere. And when he feels too surrounded, he tends to lose his temper. The ideal place for John is this very private setting where you can only hear the sweetness of music. While John seems to like loneliness, he is very attached to family.

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