Patronymic names

Looking for a classic first name? Why not choose a patronymic names? Very common these days, you can't go wrong. Elegant and popular at the same time, first names have become timeless and have proven their worth. Patronymic names, or family names, have a very important role to play in choosing a child's first name. Indeed, some parents pay attention to the sounds of their family name to avoid any embarrassment. For example, you should avoid associating the first name Bernard with any family names beginning with -ar. Others also pay attention to the initials their child will wear.

Many surnames may be suitable for your future little boy or girl. Laurent, Marie, Catherine, Henry... the list is long!

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This particularity of first names, which can be both first names and patronymic names, can be explained by ancient traditions. Before family names existed and became fixed in our culture, the father's first name was associated with the child's first name.

Moreover, this can be explained by the proximity between Anglo-Saxon culture and French culture. Indeed, it is very common in the United Kingdom to find first names that can be used as surnames and vice versa.