Common & popular names

Every year, the choice of newborns' names is influenced by fashion. The names of famous stars or characters who have marked their time appeal to parents who use them as inspiration for their children. These first names then often become common. Some of them are given enormously for only a few years and others, on the contrary, are given in large numbers every year. In France, the most common girl's name is Emma, there have been 150,680 births of girls bearing this name since 1900. The first name Gabriel is the most given boy's name, it counts 173,498 births since 1900.

We notice that the common names are often of medium or even short length, surely one of the reasons that makes them so charming...

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The complete classification of the common female names is: Emma, Louise, Jade, Alice, Chloé, Lina, Mila, Léa, Manon, Rose, Anna, Inès, Camille, Lola, Ambre, Léna, Zoé, Juliette, Julia, Lou.

And the most common male names are: Gabriel, Louis, Raphael, Jules, Adam, Lucas, Leo, Hugo, Arthur, Nathan, Liam, Ethan, Mael, Paul, Paul, Tom, Sacha, Noah, Gabin, Nolan, Enzo.

These lists may help you to make your choice or, on the contrary, to delete these first names from your ideas if you wish to find an original first name.