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The name Benjamin

Benjamin is a long male name. Because of its size, it is rarely used in compound names. Many Benjamin are celebrities, among them : American politician, scientist and writer Benjamin Franklin, German tennis player Benjamin Becker and French TV host Benjamin Castaldi.

Benjamin is a name of 8 letras that begins with the letter B and ends with the letter N. There have been 149 100 births of Benjamin since 1 900 (average of 1 274 / year). There were 805 named Benjamin born in 2 017. It's the year 1 992 which saw the most births of babies with this name. #1986

The name Benjamin in the world

Figures and birth trends of the first name Benjamin in the country France

149 100
since 1 900

in 2 017

1 992
was the peak year
of births

1 274
births / year
on average

Figures and birth trends of the first name Benjamin in the country United States

750 879
since 1 880

13 401
in 2 018

1 989
was the peak year
of births

5 481
births / year
on average

Benjamin was not very successful in France between 1900 and 1968. During this great period, it was hardly given more than a 100 times a year, it was then very rare and far from being popular. However, its attribution subsequently exploded without any reason, reaching 6,283 births in 1992. Its success has then declined over the years while still remaining a name given a thousands of times a year (between 6,000 and 1,000). Since the middle of the 2000s, Benjamin has been attributed to less and less boys each year which is due to the fact that the trend of the last years surfs on short names, and Benjamin is not one of them.

In the United States, Benjamin has been given to a stable number of babies between 1910 and 1970. As you can see on its graph, that name was attributed to 2,000 little boys on average. After that, Benjamin experienced a huge success, reaching its peak in 1989 with nearly 16,000 births. Since then, it has been given on a regular basis to thousands of boys.

Etymology, origin and meaning of name Benjamin

In the Old Testament, Benjamin was the 13th and last child of his father Jacob and the second and last of his mother Rachel. The name Benjamin was chosen because it can be translated into Hebrew as "son of my days" or "son of my right hand". They made this choice in reference to Rachel's suffering in giving birth to her last son. She died a few days later following his birth. Benjamin was later very popular in Jewish families, especially in the Middle Ages.

The name Benjamin is at the origin of the common name benjamin which is used to designate the last child of a sibling.

When do we celebrate Saint Benjamin? What day ?

Benjamin is celebrated on March 31 in honour of Saint Benjamin. This saint was persecuted for a long time during the reign of Yazdegerd because of his preaching, which led a large number of pagan magi to convert to Christianity. He was finally incarcerated and violently martyred.

Personalities of the Benjamin

Benjamin has a double facet. He likes to be surrounded by his friends and family, likes to make them laugh and entertain the gallery while always listening to them. However, he also needs his solitude. He appreciates his presence and needs it to recharge his batteries. And beware of those who do not respect these moments because, being sacred for Benjamin, this one can quickly become unpleasant if he is deprived of them. Passionate about music, this always makes him want to learn more about his favorite artists.

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