French names

French first names are still charming over the years and thus continue to please many parents who prefer a classic and timeless choice. Do you like vintage and retro? This category will undoubtedly please you and you will surely find your happiness there. It is by using one of these French names, which has not been given much in recent years, that you will find originality for your child's name. By choosing the girl's name Paulette for example, you can be sure that your little girl will not find herself with classmates wearing the same name, which will bring her a touch of singularity and originality!

Pretty French names for women and men are listed on our website:

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If you wish to pay a very beautiful tribute to one of your close great aunts, uncle, grandparents, parents who had a French name that you like, do not hesitate to give it to your newborn. If your heart swings between two first names, you don't need to make a choice: form a compound name with your two favorites.