Malagasy names

In Malagasy culture, the choice of a name is determined by 3 main criteria and varies with the events that took place before or during pregnancy or the future that parents wish to offer to their child. At first, the precise and pictorial meaning of the first name remains a major element to be taken into account. Indeed, according to the omens, giving your child a positive first name will be a sign of a happy existence when it comes to the child. In fact, a woman of rare beauty will be called Baokly, meaning "doll" or a boy will be called Fidy as "the chosen one of the family".

However, in Malagasy traditions, if the child is born under a zodiac sign marked by luck, it is customary for his first name to be negative, like Tsimandrésy (meaning "one who does not win") so that his fate is not too strong.

Taking all these details into account, you now have the necessary information to choose your child's first name. But, if you are still hesitating, we propose below a list of Malagasy names for your girl or boy.

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With the blending of cultures and the evolution of the Malagasy language, the islanders are trying to preserve their own Malagasy traditions with regard to first names. This is why traditional names are still widely used on the island today, even if some are influenced by other cultures such as Mily, inspired by Emile.

And if you still don't know the sex of your baby or if you particularly like mixed names, Malagasy is not to be outdone: Haja, Mamy, Tiana or Hajao, you have a lot of choices! And for even more fantasy, Malagasy names can also consist of two first names in order to give more value to the child's first name. Thus, we find first names like Hanitriniaina composed of Hanitra, meaning "perfume" and Niaina, a sign of "life" and "breath"; a whole that gives a meaning that insists on the joy and beauty of the person who bears this first name.