Lebanese names

Whether you have Muslim origins or simply like their wide choice of first names, Lebanese names can then provide you with a solution to the big question of baby's first name. Choosing a Lebanese first name allows the first name to be original because they are still often not very common. An oriental name reminiscent of the sun and out of the ordinary, a perfect combo for your newborn baby. The male first name Khalil and the female first name Lamia are still very uncommon in France and are part of the list and can give you original ideas.

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Lebanese first names solicit a lot of the letter "a" for their girl. For those of boys the letters are more varied, they use much more than we do some letters like "h", "z" or even "y". Resonances that are out of the ordinary and allow a mixture of cultures that does good. We hope that you will find your happiness among our list, if not, we propose other categories of first names of origin: Greek, Canadian or Hawaiian.