Welsh names

From the Indo-European language family in the Breton branch of the Celtic languages, Welsh is similar to Cornish and Breton. Today, this language is the most widely spoken Celtic language in Wales and England. With a wide variety of variations, Welsh is particularly distinctive between the south and north of the country. Indeed, there are some differences in pronunciations, lexicons and turns of phrase between the two regions.

With regard to Welsh first names, it can be noted that most first names are inspired by traditional Welsh and Celtic history with the legend of the mythical King Arthur but nowadays tend to be inspired by current cultural phenomena.

So if you still have doubts about your child's first name, why not choose a first name of Welsh origin? Below is a list of Welsh first names for a girl or a boy.

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In today's Western world, most first names originate in Hebrew, German, Greek, Latin or Celtic.

Welsh, on the other hand, remains a language that always arouses interest and inspires parents to choose their child's first name. Indeed, traditional names remain timeless like Cai or Llyr, or Owain and Llywelyn who are inspired by the great Welsh princes. In addition, surnames such as Jones, Davies or Williams are also very common. And, a particularity of the Welsh language: family names are formed with an "s" at the end, a sign that they are descendants of servants.

In addition, since the growing success of the world-renowned series, Game of Thrones, there have been a significant number of first names inspired by the Stark family heroes and other characters in the series. Thus, Arya, Sansa, Catelyn, Daenerys or Tyrion have become popular first names in England and Wales.