Germanic names

Are you looking for a first name that has crossed time and country? Dare to use the Germanic name. Combining originality and simplicity, Germanic first names are highly appreciated in Western Europe and especially in France. Despite the strong Latin presence of French names, there are many similarities with Germanic names.

Often strong in history and character, typically German first names such as Klaus or Boris are no longer relevant. Indeed, having followed the effects of globalization, we now find more universal masculine names such as Aymeric, Lukas or Max. With regard to female names, the trend is towards a softer sound. So we find first names such as Lena, Aude or Lora.

If you would like to know more about the meaning and origin of Germanic names, here is a list in which you will find your happiness!

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Germanic first names have been exported through the various German invasions over the centuries. This is why, nowadays, there are many French and English names with very pronounced German roots. This similarity is very present in eastern France, especially in Alsace-Lorraine due to its border and cultural proximity to Germany.

Germanic first names often refer to the names of warriors or names that have marked history.