Arabic names

Arabic first names have many hidden meanings. Parents often give first names according to the etymology behind it: for example, the name of a servant, an animal, a character/physical or other trait. For example, Tarek is defined as "the conqueror", Zahid "detached from this world", Zakia for "pleasant smell" or Khadidja "first wife of the prophet". Most of them, Arabic first names, are also from the Koran. And some have a very royal meaning like Hala, which translates as "crown" or Amira for "Princess".

Through this wide list of Arabic first names you will find girls, boys or mixed names. Immerse yourself in the origin of all its first names, from the Ottoman Empire to Persia. During its periods, there was also Judaism. This is what makes the richness of Arabic names so special!

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Some first names are similar to flower names. Feel free to discover them too!