American names

The United States is known for its lifestyle and accent. You can, through this list, find many heroic names from the American world. But also first names from different American universes. For example, the American series, Games of Thrones, with the names Sansa, Mélisandre, Jon, Gregor, or the Stranger Things series, with Bob, Terry, Becky or Nancy. There are also inspirations from literary works such as John Steinbeck's "Grapes of Wrath" or Francis Scott Fitzgerald's famous "Gatsby the Magnificent".

Often, American names, according to some parents, are an illusion to wealthy families. But if you want to give an American taste, in your family, you are free to choose. Also, be careful to choose the American name, which will match your child's family name perfectly. And don't forget to study the meaning of the first name.

So don't hesitate to take inspiration from this list with some original names and very few common ones:

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Did you know that in the United States, unlike France, when a baby is born, parents are required to give two first names? Indeed, both are very important, because they will appear on any important document (business card, email, card or contract signature...). So, this tendency led parents to opt for short names, to avoid too long name pronunciation.