Brazilian names

Dances, beaches, sun... Brazil is known all over the world for its exhilarating rhythms and sunny beaches. Like this little corner of paradise, Brazilian names are just as sunny and warm. Girls names, on the other hand, are mainly composed of "a" while there are more "o" in boys names. And, short words are the specialty of Brazilian culture. Indeed, the majority of Brazilian first names are composed of one or two syllables.

If you want to discover the inventiveness of Brazilian first names and avoid the most popular one in the land of samba: Maria, browse the list below with a whole panel of Brazilian first names for a girl or a boy. Travel insured in South America!

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Very influenced by religion, Brazilian first names are mostly of Hebrew origin and display a strong Catholic identity. The most popular, Maria, has been declined in particular in Mariane or Mariana. But throughout history and with Portuguese colonization, first names have been inspired by Portuguese culture, which has allowed first names such as Joao, Luiz or Ana to emerge. And, a true passion in Brazil, football is one of the sports that inspires families with first names like Tiago, Ronaldo or Neymar.

Moreover, sometimes more commonly used than the first name, the nickname is very common in Brazil and makes it possible to simplify a name, as for the player Kaka, from his real name Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite.