Polish names

Why not take inspiration from foreign names? Make way for the originality and colours of Poland. In addition to the richness of this republic, and its 15 monuments, recognized by UNESCO, your child can only be proud to have a name that comes straight from Poland. Be guided by the beauty of Poland, through this list!

Polish names are often a mixture of Slavic and Christian names. Indeed, pure Polish first names were used in privileged environments, while derived first names were present in poor social areas, or else it refers to foreigners. However, the more the trend evolves, the more successful the first names coming straight from Christianity become.

Often, Polish names for girls end with an "a" such as Paulina, Magdalena, Ania or Karolina. While for boys, often by the letter "r" like Casimir, Piotr, Dobromir, Slawomir or Wladymir. There are all kinds of Polish first names: long, medium or short.

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Polish is an official language of Poland, but it is also widely spoken in all countries. A brief historical moment, did you know that the Polish language was almost eliminated? Indeed, the Polish administrations have tried to put pressure on them to make the language disappear. In vain, today the Polish language is developing more and more.