Basque names

In France, many regions have their own first names, traditional names that are mainly found when we go to the region in question. The Basque Country is one of those places that are attached to their traditions. Having their own expression from "Basque" a language that was spoken there and is still taught in Basque schools. This language is similar to both French and Spanish.

This mixture is due to the location of this region. Indeed, being located on the border of Spain, it has a similar tradition with its neighbouring country. Whether you are in love with the Basque language or a native of this region, you can find here some ideas for Basque first names for your baby.

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Some of these first names are found mainly in the Basque Country, which makes them original. However, the pronunciation of some of these first names is not necessarily what is expected. This is the case for the Basque first name "Jon" which is not actually pronounced as the first name "Jonh" but "Yon".

Leaving this region it is hard to guess. However, there with the first name Jon as well as the first name Iban are very common first names among boys.