Musical names

"The language of emotions" is how KANT defines music. Today, music is everywhere around us and is part of our common culture. As an art of living or a custom, music follows us throughout our lives, in happy or difficult moments or even becomes a temporal marker of an event. When we listen to a particular sound, song or lyrics, our memories take us back to that particular moment, that memory we hold dear or the one that changed our lives.

And, we all know that a birth is a major change in the life of an individual and a family. And if music attracts you and makes you vibrate, why not give a powerful universal dimension to your child's first name?

To inspire you, we have listed below a whole set of musical names for a girl or a boy.

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Whether you have the soul of a musician or not, nothing stops you from giving your child a musical name. Assigning a first name is a creative way to convey your love of music to your newborn baby. In the musical world, we find relatively classical first names such as Harmony, Melody or Jazz but why not go even further and choose a first name such as Medley, Celesta or Cadence.

An instrument, the soft sound it emits, a rhythm, a melody, a musical style, a song... you have a lot of choices!