Retro names

A bit of a trend in your life? Retro names are made for you. Some first names, retro, can be many collection first names reflecting many meanings. So why not give your child a first name, a unique and sometimes rare collection? Over the years, the retro first names have been reappearing, and are also very original. Retro means vintage and it's becoming very trendy again these days. If you choose one of the first names, your child will not go unnoticed, thanks to his very original name, coming from the retro style.

If your child has a very modern family name, why not adopt a name from the 1920s? You will have the choice between girl, boy, or mixed names such as Thais, Como, Armand, Sidonie, Ernest, or Sully.

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But what exactly is retro style? A quick look back, retro is a kind of trend, between 1920 and 1960, during the evolution of mass media. This style also refers to pinups, old video games, contemporary clothing and the development of Adidas, Nike or Puma brands dedicated to retro style. We call it retro fashion, the goal is to wear old clothes with contemporaries to make a "offbeat" style. It is also during this period that retrogaming gaming machines evolved. There are also various films such as "Les Jeunes Loups" in 1960 by Anderson, "La Dolce Vita" also directed by Federico Fellini.

It is also, thanks to the use of the retro style, in different cultural environments, that parents have been inspired by the baby's name.

The retro style is also close to Vintage, Old school and Kitsch style. Indeed, retro and vintage fashion really developed in the United States and then became popular all over the world.