Vernal names

Spring, this season of the year that seduces more than one... Nature is being renewed to give way to colourful flowers, singing birds and even the soft rays of the sun that pierce the sky. What a beautiful season, don't you think?

Like this flowery period, the vernal names do not leave us indifferent with such a warm and welcoming sweetness. The return of the sunny days gives parents ideas to choose a name inspired by nature or the spring months.

If you too would like to know all the possibilities of vernal names, browse the list below for a good dose of freshness.

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And between us, we must admit that the vernal names have an exquisite charm: Lena, which means "sunshine", Iris, which in Greek means "rainbow", or Dalia, named after the pretty fushia flower.

In short, a vernal name can only inspire happiness and joie de vivre for the person who wears it. Like a flower that blooms in spring, the birth of your child is a precious gift with this little being that will come to life; it is therefore quite normal to give it such a pretty and poetic name.