Compounds names

A compound name is a set of two (or more) first names that are then used together. Even if this fashion is nowadays no longer very topical, lovers of the old and retro may find their happiness among our list of compound names or will draw imagination from it to create their own compound first name for their baby.

Indeed, the two first names chosen may have a certain symbol or refer to two people you admire in your surroundings or in life. This choice can be very useful if your heart is swaying between two first names.

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Don't worry, the compound names are far from outdated and are making a comeback and the parents who have made this choice often do not lack originality to mix modernity with this rather old practice. It is also sometimes common for some people to use only one of their two first names in their daily lives as they grow up.

A little anecdote, the compound names would have come from Spain in France from Louis XIV in the 17th and 18th centuries.