Chinese names

Chinese names are easily recognizable by their size, often short, and by their phonetics. In their culture, first names with meanings are widely used. They refer to flowers, colours, love, wisdom, happiness, beauty and other important symbols in their culture. For example, the first name Lan means "orchid" and Chan "beautiful and graceful girl". Others sometimes refer to the country's history as Hsin, which corresponds to a period that China experienced.

Often Chinese names are a combination of two words. With the Chinese population growing rapidly, the Chinese are looking for ever more original combinations to make their child stand out. These names are rare, unusual and exotic. In this way, they may be able to meet your expectations.

You will find below our list of Chinese girl and boy names:

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If you have Chinese origins or are simply looking for an original, short and meaningful first name, there are a multitude of very pretty Chinese names.

We hope that with our list you have found the one that best suits your child and your research.