Provencal names

The region of Provence in France is marked by a Greek-Roman and Judeo-Christian heritage that over the years has been influenced by Germanic and Italian cultures. And these influences are to be found in the first names of the children who were born in Provence. These Provençal names have their origin in the Gospel, the Saints of Christianity, the Feudal Era or even Antiquity. And among the most common, we find first names such as Gaspard, Rene, Balthasar, Marthe, Antoine, Guillaume or even Hyppolite among others.

These first names are therefore strong in meaning and significance. For a girl or a boy, a wide choice is available to you to choose his future first name. Provence, on the other hand, reminds us directly of the flowering lavender fields that offer a wonderful purple landscape. Indeed, this region breathes the flowery summer and soothing. Then, you have the possibility to choose a flowery or spring name just like Provence. So, if you are still hesitating about the given name, the option of a Provençal name may be the solution you are looking for. And, to inspire you, we suggest you discover a large list of Provençal first names:

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Reflecting its varied landscapes that stretch along the Mediterranean coast, Provence is a region with a thousand and one first names. This leaves parents with a whole range of possibilities. Long, short or rather original or rare, it is up to you, future parents, to decide. But be aware that choosing a first name is a step not to be taken lightly. The name of the person defines his existence and the person in the future. Then do the right thing!