Persian names

Persian first names are similar to Iranian names. Indeed, they are both first names from the Indo-Iranian. First names have spread throughout Asia and the Middle East.

Most of the Persian first names came straight from the "Book of Kings", a biblical book presenting the evolution of Iran until the birth of Islam. For example, you can find the following first names: Babak, Tahmineh, Zal, Rostam, Roudabeh, Touran or Afrasiab. It is true that the Persian and Iranian names are exactly the same.

Through some Persian first names, there is a positive or negative connotation. Indeed, some first names present gods, such as Ormazd, the god of the perfect construction of life or Ahriman, the destroyer and death. In addition, some people know demons, like Daeva meaning evil.

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To date, Persian first names are not widespread throughout the world. They are only in the minds of the Iranian people. You will often find, in this list, similar consonances to Arabic first names. Indeed, the Persian language was inspired by many Arabic words.

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