Scandinavian names

Names from Northern Europe: Scandinavia. Through this list, you will find, some first names, which can be written in different ways. At the time, Scandinavians wrote very little, and mostly made spelling mistakes. The first names have therefore kept their roots. We can see it with the first name Eric which can also be written Erick or Erik. There is also Gustave spelled Gustav.

You will surely find similarities with Swedish, Norwegian or Danish names. And yes! It was his three countries that gave birth to the Scandinavian region. Do you also remember the presence of Vikings and Germans? So, there is still time to introduce you to the medieval names in this way. Scandinavian names often come from the Middle Ages.

Discover without further delay the Scandinavian names, which for the most part begin with consonants. You will very rarely find first names beginning with vowels "a", "i", "o", "u", "y" or even "e".

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Usually, in Northern Europe, the choice of a Scandinavian first name is purely representative of the character you want your child to have later. Parents therefore study the etymology of the first name very well. We also recommend it, because some first names have a positive or negative aspect. And it would be a real shame if your child had a first name that had experienced real denigration. Study the origin of the first name carefully.