Hungarian names

Hungarian given names have several restrictions. Indeed, in Hungary, as regards the personal name following the family name, it must be chosen from a list published and official in Hungary. For example, for female post-names there are Julianna, Melinda, Sarolta, Petra, Ilona, and on the male side there are Barna, Ede, Roland, Samu or Ferenc. First names not on the list will automatically be refused and not recognized as "official". This is a law, which is also present for Japanese names.

However, Hungarian names are considered as great treasures due to their significance and the period in which they became known. There are several female Hungarian first names, which are currently the most common, including Maria, Elisabeth, Suzanne and Éva. Most female first names end with the letter "a", which refers, among other things, to the female aristocracy.

We leave you, discover our wide list of Hungarian first names. But before choosing a baby's first name, don't forget to take into account the meaning, as it can be negative or positive. If you have a preference for short names, you are in the right place, because most Hungarian names are.

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Hungary has been able to develop in terms of first names due to different dwellings on its territory. It is true that before being the Hungarian territory, there was the presence of Celts, Romans, Huns, Slavs, Grepaids and Avars. Hungary has also experienced different political forms.

Do you want to give a first name that reflects the history of Hungary? Through different historical monuments, telling, some of them, their etymology is possible. Like the first name Angyalka, meaning the King's messenger, or Laszlo, a famous leader. Give your future little one a chance to have a historical, but also, very recognizable name!