Russian names

When we use the word "Russia", we systematically refer to the cold, the traditions, the horizons and of course the originality of this country. Originality means a unique first name and a very significant etymology. Indeed, there was a time when parents named their newborns according to their physical characteristics or according to their characters such as: Beliaï when the child was blond, Demetreos for a very authoritarian child or Mila, a reference to love...

In addition to Russia's imagination, it is only possible to give a single first name to the child with the obligation to then add the father's first name, then the family name. This is a very widespread tradition because it shows the family's filiation link. Russian first names are also translated into French when it is obvious, Pierre for Petr for example. This has been in place since 1990, when the first Russian migrants were registered in France. Russian names are a big deal!

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Do you want to be authentic? Feel free to take inspiration from our list of first names straight from Russia. A little anecdote, these pretty Russian names are often used in cartoons of the 90s such as Anastasia from a story, the great duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna of Russia.