Latin names

Do you want to choose a name from Rome? And yes! The Latin language comes from the capital of Italy. The first names are sometimes very old, but we assure you that it is known in this list of original names and very little adopted. Latin names are also used in Spain, France, Italy, Portugal and Rome.

Most of them, Latin first names, are given in the heart of Rome, according to the father's first name in a feminized way, if it is a girl. For example, for Mr. Tullius Cicero, the girl's name was to be Tullia. The most common names in the 1st century were Appius, Marius, Maruc, Postumus, Statius, Tullus, Titus, Vopiscus or Valentinus. For women, Maria, Nona, Prima, Quarta, Spura or Tulla.

Why not bring back the modernity of first names? Maybe today it will become very trendy again as it was in their time!

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Immerse yourself in the Roman treasures through this list of first names. Do you like a first name?