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The name Lucas

Lucas is a French male name that can be written in different ways: Loucas, Lukas, Luckas, Luca, Louckas or pronounced in another way like Lucaz. This name is currently used by many celebrities such as Lucas Belvaux or Lucas Moura the football player. Lucas is also a toponym. Indeed, Lucas is a city in multiple states in the United States such as Ohio, Texas, Kansas and Iowa. Lucas also refers to the Townships of the United States.

Lucas is a name of 5 letras that begins with the letter L and ends with the letter S. There have been 164 819 births of Lucas since 1 902 (average of 1 433 / year). There were 4 068 named Lucas born in 2 017. It's the year 2 002 which saw the most births of babies with this name. #8922

The name Lucas in the world

Figures and birth trends of the first name Lucas in the country France

164 819
since 1 902

4 068
in 2 017

2 002
was the peak year
of births

1 433
births / year
on average

Figures and birth trends of the first name Lucas in the country United States

252 999
since 1 881

12 604
in 2 018

2 017
was the peak year
of births

1 860
births / year
on average

This graph shows the evolution of the name Lucas in France. The name Lucas has had a long period of stability between 1902 and 1980. During this long period, Lucas was not very widespread in France. From 1981 onwards, this name became more and more common and even reached its peak in 2002 with 9,318 attributions. But that popularity didn’t last for a very long time because after that peak, Lucas was given to less and less boys each year. After 2009, Lucas became a rare name.

In the United States, Lucas also had a period of stability between 1881 and 1970 where it was given to less than a 100 babies each year. After that, Lucas became more popular, reaching a first peak of popularity in 1981 with 3,394 births. Between 1986 and 2018, the number of Lucas born increased more and more every year, going from 2,205 to 12,604 births. Lucas was the most popular in 2017 where it exceeded 13,000 births.

Etymology, origin and meaning of name Lucas

Lucas is derived from the name Luc which comes from the Latin "lux", meaning “light”. Lucas also knows his origin from Greece, indeed this "brilliant" name is dedicated to the magic of Greece for its beautiful colours and impressive luminosity. This name is also of Christian origin, following the Gospel which is present in the Acts of the Apostles. Lucas was also a member of the family of Jesus' parents.

When do we celebrate Saint Lucas? What day ?

Lucas is honored on October 18. It is a tribute to Saint Lucas, a doctor who is also the author of the 3rd Gospel. In this gospel, the diminutive of Lucas, Luke, is often quoted.

Personalities of the Lucas

Lucas is a very organized person who never stops establishing his own methodology at work. Lucas likes to have power and knows how to make it heard in his workplace. However, he remains very polite and respectful of his colleagues. At work, everyone can rely on him. Lucas, behind this warrior character is a sweet and very calm person. He likes women to be gentle and respectful towards him.

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