English names

Do you want to find an original name for your child? Then choose an English name. It has become very common for parents to choose a name with foreign tones. Want to stand out, pay tribute to your favorite rock singer, appeal to a culture... any reason is good.

English names are no exception. Very appreciated by the French, they have the particularity of having a spelling and pronunciation very close to French names. Sometimes it is enough to add a simple letter to a first name to make it English. Indeed, we can take the example of the male first name Nicolas, which becomes Nicholas.

If you don't know your baby's sex, you can always choose a mixed name, the English dictionary is full of it. Swann, Alexis or Charlie are first names that will delight parents.

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English names are affected by globalization and are exported all over the world. In Asian culture, it has even become customary to give an English first name to your child, in addition to your first name. This popularity has existed for a long time, especially in France. Indeed, the English and French have always had strong ties. In addition, French first names are also popular in England since Kate and William's two children, Charlotte and George, are first names with a strong French connotation.