Vietnamese names

As in most Asian countries, Vietnamese names are completely different from the Western pattern. Unlike countries such as France or Spain, parents avoid giving their child a first name already taken by one of their parents or grandparents. By trying to combine tradition and beauty, they try to find a given name that is supposed to bring good luck on the one hand and on the other hand is meant to be pleasant.

Most of the time, a child's name in Vietnam, known as the familiar post-name, is the very reflection of a dream of one or both parents. With a very precise meaning, the first name will define the child's destiny. Thus, for a girl, we will tend to choose names of flowers or related to sweetness or beauty while for a boy we will choose a first name that recalls strength, intelligence or virtue.

If you also want to define the fate of your future child and give him all the cards in hand to succeed... then browse the list below which will allow you to get an idea of the possibilities of Vietnamese name.

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It is sometimes difficult to distinguish a feminine name from a masculine name even if the differentiation is mainly based on meaning. A female first name evokes more the names of rivers, birds, seasons or even precious things, while for a male first name we tend more towards abstract names of virtues.

In the past, when infant mortality was very high in the country, parents used to choose a name that was meant to be "ugly" to prevent demons from taking children to hell. But far from the legends of yesteryear, parents today choose charming first names that reflect happiness and peaceful life.