African names

Many African names are based on a meaning that is intended to guide the child's destiny. However, every country in Africa, every ethnic group, every language has its own way of naming their child. There is therefore a very wide choice of African names and their inspiration comes from several different sources.

Indeed, for a long time, in some parts of Africa, the first name was chosen according to the Saint who represented the day of birth. The first name Fetnat (the abbreviation of national holiday) was then sometimes given for babies born on July 14.

Whether you want to choose an African name that reminds you of your origins or to give meaning and originality to your newborn's name, you will find a list below that can inspire you.

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The newborn's first name can also be chosen based on the family's state of mind at that time. It is for this reason that some children have the first name Sublime, Patience, Candide or Fortuné.

Religions being very present on African territory, some people refer to the Bible as Celestial, Mary or, more original, Dieumerci. Muslim names are also widely used: Fatoumata, Aminata, Mohamed, Amadou or Ali.

In addition, some regions have been very affected by colonization, even in the choice of the child's first name. This was the case in the former Congo-Belgium where a large number of babies were named Elizabeth or Albert. This same principle has also been used extensively with the first names of world-famous stars. Thus many babies have been named Jackson, Marley, Maradona....

Africans therefore do not lack originality and inspiration in choosing their child's first name. Indeed, whether it is their religion, their state of mind, the names of known stars or significant words, their imagination is limitless. For these reasons you will easily find the one you like for your baby if you are looking to get out of the common names.