Polynesian names

In Polynesia, the local language is at the heart of the exotic and attractive Polynesian culture. And in Tahati and the other islands, there are 7 local languages: Tahitian, Pa'umotu, Marquisian, Southern, Raïvae, Raïpa and Mangarevian. So much richness and diversity that is poetically found in Polynesian names.

Although there are no rules for choosing a Polynesian first name, most people attach importance to the deep dimension of meaning with first names that generally symbolize values, nature, beliefs or personality traits. In fact, you can discover the first name Manu, meaning "bird", Moana for "ocean" or Anapa for "sea shining in the sun".

Looking for exoticism, warmth and sunshine for your child's first name? Polynesia has a plethora of them to offer to take you to the ends of the earth. Discover the list below for a good dose of first names inspiration for your future girl or boy.

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As a true call to discovery and travel, Polynesian first names offer beautiful exotic tones but are also the testimony of divinities and legends. Among the oldest and most famous names in culture are Hina, who refers to the goddess of the moon, and Maui, half god. But today, first names do not cease to evolve over time and tend to be inspired by new cultures for an attractive and creative mix.

In linguistic traditions, however, the notion of transmission remains an essential element when it comes to Polynesian names. And don't forget that in Polynesian all letters are pronounced and the "u" is pronounced" or".

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