Breton names

Some regions of France are still very attached to their traditions and this until the attribution of typical first names. Brittany is one of these regions. Breton names are sometimes inspired by Germanic terms. Even if some of them are now widespread in different regions of France, some of them are still linked to Brittany. These first names are therefore very little known outside the region, which gives them an original side. There are others you don't suspect come from there... and yet! If you would like to take a look at your Breton origins or if you have simply fallen in love with this region, do not hesitate to choose a Breton name for your child.

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Even if some of them are now very common in France, this has not always been the case. Breton first names have indeed had difficulty attracting other regions where the inhabitants had more common first names. And for good reason, the French State prohibited the attribution of first names that were in local calendars. It was only from 1970 that this law changed and local first names were very successful. They now seduce many parents who sometimes don't even know that the origin of the pretty name they gave to their child is Breton.