Czech names

Czech names are quite rare in France. Originally from Slavic countries, these first names are divided into several categories, all with a different style.

Some of these first names exist in French but under a different spelling and with a very different pronunciation. For example, the first name Jacques is written Jakub in Czech and is pronounced Iacoube. This difference is particularly present for male first names.

As for women's first names, they are much closer to French first names since it is simply a matter of adding an "a" at the end of the first name. If you want your little girl to have a first name that would mix Czech and French cultures, we advise you to use first names such as Martina, Simona or Agata.

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Czech first names have long been forgotten in Western European culture. Indeed, the Czech Republic is a landlocked country that had few relations with countries such as France, Spain or the United Kingdom. However, German influence and its entry into the European Union in 2004 will have a real role in the recent success of Czech first names.