Norwegian names

If you are short of ideas to find the name of your future child, why not turn to Norwegian names? Rare and sweet, Norwegian given names are becoming more and more popular in Western Europe. As with Scandinavian names, Norwegian names often have a strong history, referring either to the Age of the Vikings or to royalty.

Girls names are often very similar to Western European names. We find first names such as Sara, Thea or Emilie among the most common in Norway. Boys names, on the other hand, are more typical of Norwegian culture, although some spellings have been modified to fit in with other countries.

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Norway, like other Scandinavian countries such as Denmark and Sweden, has long believed in the Nordic gods, and it is still being felt today. It is not uncommon, especially in family names, to find religious connotations or even the name of a god.

The base of Norwegian first names is generally close to French names. For example, many first names have the roots Jan and Per, which are translated respectively by Jean and Pierre in French.