Royal names

Do you want to make your future toddler a little princess or a little prince? Be inspired by our list of royal names. The first names you will discover are mostly first names given to kings, princes, princesses or queens very well known today. For example, the first name Henry is an allusion to the British Prince Henry of Sussex.

Your child will feel proud to have a first name from this historical context. These are names from a distant age but still widespread thanks to their different origins and originalities. Although your child is not of royal blood, nothing prevents us from making him or her a "royal baby". It must be said, having a baby is a gift that is meant to be royal and giving it a name that matches the event is completely natural.

Many royal names seem inappropriate to you, but we assure you that there is something for everyone: original, common....

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Give your child a chic and majestic name, in addition to being names that have marked the history of different countries, the one you prefer will mark your life and like them, you will start a story, in your own way.

Nowadays, we all know the famous royal couples such as Albert and Charlene of Monaco or even Kate and William in England. The sumptuousness of their titles makes us all dream and envy their royal statutes. But why shouldn't your baby be so worthy of a majestic and imperial name worthy of a king or queen? We are all someone's king and queen and your future child will be your princess. Make this name a precious and unique pearl.