Danish names

Choosing a Danish name can be a great idea when you are short of ideas for your future child! Original, rare and significant, Danish first names are beginning to make their way into the hearts of European parents.

However, it should be noted that Denmark is one of the strictest countries in terms of the attribution of given names. Parents cannot choose everything and anything to name their child. They must choose from a list of 7,000 first names. If they prefer to choose another first name, they will have to make a special request to their church and obtain the approval of the Danish government. The criteria for a valid first name are as follows: it must clearly identify the child's gender, it must not correspond to a family name and it must not be a reinterpretation of a common name.

As in many other countries, the tradition of naming a child after one of the grandparents is well established in Denmark. However, this custom is slightly lost because the old names are no longer really relevant today. In addition, you will find many Danish names anglicized. But thanks to their natural charm, Danish names are still timeless and the perfect choice for your offspring.

So, will you be tempted by one of the Danish names on our list?

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In Denmark, it was common for parents to choose a first name that provided information on the child's order of arrival. As a result, first names ending in -en were reserved for the first child of the siblings, and so on.